Lavandavil Wildlife Refuge is located in Astara County, Gilan Province of Iran. Lavandavil Wildlife Refuge with an area of 1074 hectares is located in a position that end from south to Lavandavil city, from north to the city of Astara and in east to the Caspian Sea and in west to Astara-Lavandavil road. This area was declared as a protected area in 1352. This region is a unique example of the remnants of the caspian hyrcanian mixed forests.

Astara Birds Garden is known as the first garden of birds in countries of Iran , which was built in Astara in 2007, about 50 tourists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and even Iraq visited the Astara Bird Garden each month and make pictures of rare different species. Astara bird’s garden built in a land of one thousand and 50 square meters, in which there are over 300 birds from 60 different species.

Estil Lagoon is 7 kilometers from Astara by Rasht-Astara Road. This lagoon is one of the tourist attractions in Astara. The ecotourist significance of this lagoon is doubled by the closeness to the road, diversity of natural views like mountains, forests, farms and lands. The western side of the lagoon is covered by forest and ground covered plants and its eastern side contains floating alder trees which have created an interesting view and a relaxation place for travelers in spring and summer. It is considered one of the important tourist attractions.

Heyran is a cluster of three villages in the western Alborz mountain, It’s located at East of Ardabil Province,Iran. Heyran is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Iran, due to the beautiful and accessible scenery. Because of its desirable microclimate at summertime, many villas have been built in the neighborhood. The main road is crowded on the weekends. The Heyran Gondola lift is above the villages, at a higher altitude in the Alborz.

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