The Auditorium, versatile for different types of performances and with a seating capacity of 2,700 audiences, is the pride of the Espinas Palace hotel. It has a stage area of 550 square meters measuring 38 meters in width, 14 meters in depth and 12 meters in height. With the two wings each offering an area, the stage layout is convertible and can effectively caters for different production requirements. Other main features include adjustable sound enclosures to fit orchestras of different sizes. For proscenium performances; the stage is equipped with a flying system for the putting up of scene curtains, sufficient for large scale production. The stage is designed for easy conversion from a concert layout to a proscenium layout for technical performances and vice versa. It is an ideal venue for professional performances as well as school and community activities. The Auditorium is furnished with an advanced computerized lighting system and professional sound system. The state-of-the-art fixture and equipment of the Auditorium guarantee superb audio-visual enjoyment for cultural programmers. With the magnificent stage and a large seating capacity, it is also an ideal venue for holding large-scale gatherings and graduation ceremonies.

Espinas Palace Hotel


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